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instead, mental health professionals cannot advertise ‘inside your mind/head’ because ‘inside’ and ‘head’ is banned (this is what they do- explore the inside of your mind to bring you to better mental health) no doctor or massage therapist can advertise for headache relief, because ‘head’ and ‘relief’ is banned, nor can they advertise that mt’s use ‘cream’ instead of oil, or the doctor prescribes anti-aging ‘cream’ or testosterone ‘cream’ because those are banned, (btw, migraines aren’t a catch-all term for headaches; there are tension, cluster, and one-sided vascular plus more) aetheticians are forbidden to advertise for their primary function, ‘facials’ (the therapeutic treatment of the skin) or any professional ‘cream’ for the face as that term is banned, oh, forget about treating strokes or stroke patients, as the OP has said, because those are banned too… so these advertisers- legal, compliant, professionals, are restricted. they can choose to insert punctuation to spell out the word, but that makes the ad look unprofessional, and immature, like some kind of ‘texting’ language. yet, ‘sensual’ & ‘erotic’ are still okay… why? where is the logic in this? if you go so far as to actually code the page to say ‘please flag sensual/erotic ads in

Young. Testosterone riden. unsophisticated. Very opinionated. Fairly low self esteem. And there is nothing to be done about it. But one of the tougher points of UI design is predicting what someone who is this stupid is really going to want and need. Too easy to get drawn into designing for “people like us” (and that can get very subtle)So it is important to listen to them disspasionatly and not engage with them. They have nothing to actively contribute but there is something to be gained by observing them. There are a LOT of them out there…2.5 to 3 sigma to the left.

I see a real need to split up the Casual Encounters board. I post in Sacramento but this probably holds true for all CLs. There are a LOT of men posting ads on Casual Encounters-m4w, m4m. In fact, there are so many men posting that they likely drive women away. I remember visiting CL when there was just one big personals section called “personals”, and how women were afraid to post because their posts got drowned out by all the men. Once personals was split into women and men and CE, LOTS more women posted in the new w4m section. If casual encounters were split up into “men seeking” and “women seeking” I bet that suddenly you’d see a lot of women posting ads for a hookup. I know they’re out there, but all the testosterone on the catchall “Casual Encounters” board scares them off. Please consider splitting Casual Encounters into women and men (and maybe a group/couples section too) in order to better serve the women posting on CL personals. -a guy

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